Impact des champs électromagnétiques
sur les organismes vivants

Ce type de recherche a été et est entreprise par TDEE depuis la fin des années 90.
Les projets de recherche coordonnés les plus significatifs ont été ou sont :

Projet subsidié par la Région Wallonne 97-99/3127, détaillé ci-dessous.
Projet subsidié par l'industriel ELIA ( par la suite, en projets quinquennaux 2000-2005.
Ce site reprend l'état de la question, les normes actuelles et sert d'interface aux utilisateurs du Web qui se pose des questions sur le sujet.

Région Wallone (référence 97-99/3127)

Collaborateurs Universitaires :

        Laboratoire de Pharmacologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire (Vincent Seutin) - ULG
        Unité de Psychoneuroendocrinologie (J.-J. Legros) - ULG
        Service d'Orthopédie - Traumatologie ( M. Hinsenkamp) - ULB
        VAKGROEP Maatschappelijke Gezondheidkunde - RUG (M. de Ridder)

Collaboration Industrielle :
        Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek (Luc Verschaeve)

         In the recent literature (1994-1995), there is approximately one publication per week in reviews and journals of high standard related to the biomedical effet of electromagnetic fields (EMF). They concern many aspects of the problem from the epidemiological data to the potential molecular mechanism(s) of action of the EMF on cells. There is up to now no straightforward asnwer to any of the raised questions.

         The programme proposed by the research teams associated in this multidisciplinary project aims at contributing to the development of the scientific knowledge in the field of the EMF biomedical relationship, each of them using their own well established technology and knowhow. These teams represent most of the active scientific potential of Belgium interested in EMF. Their association and synergism will enable the programme to cover several of the significant aspects of the problem and provide our country with a concerted team of experience able to address the questions with the required knowledge and dedication.

         Although the functions performed by each organ or tissue composing an organism are most variable, expressing by the way their characters of specialization (differentiation), the fundamental operational mechanisms controlling the «working unit» (cells) forming the organs are very similar. The homogeneity of the project follows this similarity while its apparent heterogeneous aspect is linked to the differentiated characters of the cells or tissues subjected to the scrutiny of the various teams.

         The complementary approach of the biologists participating in the project will be to investigate potential modifications introduced by EMF of the basic mechanisms governing the programming of the cells, I.E. the signals (calcium, free radicals, oncogenes, hormones, etc.) in different types of cells (fibroblasts, neural cells, osteoblasts, keratinocytes, lymphocytes, ...). Modulation of physiological functions (psychoneuroendocrine status, healing reaction) and pathological situation of in toto organisms, animal and human beings, will be considered by the ad hoc specialists (neuroendocrinologists, orthopedists and epidemiologists). The scientific success of the entreprise rely on the interactive development of the investigations.

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